Sensei - Waiting Sucks

Sensei, the European pioneer and leader in autonomous stores tech, was going to take part in the NRF (the world’s largest retail fair, in NYC). How could we leverage that opportunity to drive interest in our brand and show the world how we’re revolutionising the shopping experience?

It was time for a change, so we partnered up with Pepsi to open a flagship autonomous store, without checkout and without waiting, right at the heart of the show. And we promoted our innovative AI-powered store with two AI voiceover videos (a teaser and a wrap-up), because we didn’t really want people to miss us.

As the saying doesn’t go but should, good things come to those who don’t wait. At the NRF, we were the only brand featuring a multi-consumer store with a real-time basket - meaning a true autonomous store. We achieved our goal of leaving a mark.